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Today is a bad day for me. It's getting close to"that time of the month" and I hate all the depressing thoughts that fill my head. I have been thinking of shit that happened to me in sixth grade and how paranoid it still makes me.

La la

Trying out the new app.


There is a contest going on right now for the new Lynsay Sands' book coming out soon! http://www.lynsaysands.net/contests/UAVMContest.html

I am super excited about reading another story in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter's series. I love Lynsay's version of vampires, being a scientific reason behind their immortality! But then again I'm just a nerd like that! The new book is called Under a Vampire Moon.

The only reason why I even picked up Lynsay's books was that I was working third shift at Wal-Mart. We got a book called "Bite me if you Can" and I just enjoyed the title so much, and that it was about vampires, I had to pick it up! This was during the time I was still depressed and having a hard time picking up a book just to read, so it did sit on my shelf for a while. My son got a hold of my copy and chewed on the cover. I still have that book on my shelf, taped up from his abuse. :]

After I read that one, I was determined to find them all! I have collected all of the vampire series, and moved to her historicals, and have all of them except for the harder to find ones, her early works. But someday, I will have her entire works sitting on my shelf!

It's funny, because when I was cleaning off my shelves recently, I was going to put all my Lynsay Sands books on one shelf. That didn't work out. I filled it before I was half-way. :]

Hope everyone is having a good day, and hope no one is an April Fool today!
At work right now. Two hours to go and I can't wait to leave.

I am looking forward to our new truck coming. It's been a long wait, but just a few more weeks and it's ours.

Trying this thing out

Just trying to see if this thing works

I don't know

I got a new phone. And went through my 4G internet in two days. Still waiting for my old phone number to be switched over. I guess I need to call the company this afternoon to ask why it hasn't been changed. My friend bryon came down here to florida to live and stayed with us for two days while waiting to get his own place. It was fun having him around. He is in Fort Meyers right now with a job and I can't wait for him to get back. Funny how I hadn't seen him in seven years and I miss him for being gone for a week.

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So... We didn't get the insurance money like we first thought. We had hoped we could, but we would only get $369, and it just wasn't worth driving out there and getting it when we could save the life insurance policy if we needed it.

So there goes our plans for taking out our debt. Bleh. We owe almost $7,000, and were hoping to knock out at least $5,000 with the income tax check and the insurance. But... I always know not to get my hopes up.

We just need to work on it one bit at a time. Slowly but surely, we'll get out of debt.

Bucket List

It's been years since I have been on LJ. But I've been thinking lately about a bucket list. Le Husband and I have been talking it over, and asking each other where we'd like to go before we die. Here is part of my list...

1.) Visit Scotland.

I'd love to go see where my ancestors came from.

2.) Visit Russia.

I've been interested in this country for years now, and would like to see it sometime.

3.) Eat Sushi made by Masaharu Morimoto.

I've been watching him on Iron Chef (And Iron Chef America, though the original is better) and am just amazed by his talent. I would love to taste what he has made.

4.) Go shopping in Japan.

There is a certain place we want to go to, but I'm not sure how to spell it. Where all the nerds go and enjoy themselves. Plus it has a store with nothing but Gundam in it. :3

That's all I can remember at the moment. But I will update this as time goes on. (And I can remember what I had planned to write on here...)



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